Akamai DSA – 動態網站加速

Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator accelerates and secures the delivery of the most dynamically-assembled Web sites to consumers without requiring costly IT buildouts. Unlike traditional datacenter-focused Web infrastructure, Dynamic Site Accelerator addresses the shortcomings of the Internet itself to reduce site abandonment rates and increase completed transactions.

How it Works

The globally-distributed Akamai EdgePlatform continuously pulls and caches fresh content onto servers that are closer to the end user. Our dynamic mapping system directs user requests for application content to an optimal Akamai edge server. Then, through route optimization we identify the fastest, most reliable path back to your data center to retrieve dynamic/interactive content. We use several connection techniques to optimize communications between the Akamai edge server and your origin infrastructure to deliver dynamic content to the user over optimized connections that avoid Internet problem spots.





Akamai的全球分佈式 EdgePlatform不斷拉和新鮮的內容緩存到服務器上,更接近最終用戶。我們的動態映射系統指導用戶應用程序的內容,以一個最佳的Akamai邊緣服務器請求。然後,通過路由優化,我們確定的最快,最可靠的路徑返回到您的數據中心檢索動態 /互動內容。我們使用多種連接技術,優化的Akamai邊緣服務器和您的始發地的基礎設施,以提供動態內容,通過優化連接的用戶之間的通信,避免互聯網問題點。

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