Akamai WAA – Web應用程序加速器

Akamai Web Application Accelerator speeds performance of dynamic, interactive Web applications without requiring additional infrastructure by taking a fundamentally different approach to application delivery, employing techniques including:

  • Dynamic mapping
  • Dynamic routing
  • Compression
  • Caching and pre-fetching
  • Connection/TCP optimization
  • Access control

How it Works

Requests and application responses between users and your origin server are sent over the Akamai platform. It’s the world’s largest fault-tolerant network, comprising 95,000 servers in 71 countries. When a user requests an application, dynamic mapping technology directs the request to the closest Akamai server. Using route optimization, we identify the fastest, most reliable path back to your server to retrieve the application content, and employ connection techniques to optimize communication between servers, improving performance and reliability of both retrieval and delivery. Access control features ensure application security is maintained throughout the process.

Why have Akamai accelerate your Web applications?

  • More control over the delivery of your applications
  • Optimized delivery means faster performance
  • The Akamai platform handles peak usage easily
  • IT burden drops – no additional hardware



  • 動態映射
  • 動態路由
  • 壓縮
  • 緩存和預取
  • 連接 / TCP優化
  • 訪問控制




  • 您的應用程序交付更多的控制權
  • 優化運載工具更快的性能
  • Akamai平台容易處理用電高峰
  • IT負擔下降 – 無需額外的硬件
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